Market & Pricing Alignment Strategic Services

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Market & Pricing Alignment Strategic Services


Pricing influences customer demand, the ability to close deals, and the perception customers have of your firm’s value.  To capture optimal value and improve profits, pricing strategy must be integrated with product strategy, sales strategy, communications strategy, and marketing strategy. Increasingly, marketing, sales, and other top executives know that good pricing is required for strong market performance.

Wiglaf Pricing works with executives to improve the alignment of the firm’s sales, product, and pricing strategies.

  • We identify the appropriate list prices for the go-to-market strategy that captures customers profitably.
  • We segment markets according to customer’s willingness to pay.
  • We analyze deal prices to uncover drivers to price variances and potential sources of pricing improvement.
  • We develop quantitative tools to enable sales and marketing executives to communicate the value the firm delivers.
  • We clarify needed organizational changes in people, process, and tools to ensure that sales, marketing, and finance are all at the same table when it comes to pricing questions.

The result of Wiglaf Pricing’s CMO Advisory Services is a better alignment of pricing strategy with marketing strategy.