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PPS 28th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference

Join us May 2017 in Miami for four days of pricing workshops, keynotes, breakout sessions, and networking.

Featuring a workshop by Tim J. Smith, PhD, of Wiglaf Pricing. Register here!

Pricing and Corporate Strategy: The Value-Based Pricing Framework for Getting Pricing Done Right

Pricing challenges and decisions arise early and often. List prices, discounting, new product development, account management, and international variations are just a short list of key pricing challenges facing modern corporations.  How should a executives organize and manage the pricing function?

In Pricing and Corporate Strategy, Tim J. Smith, PhD will share how leading firms are integrating different pricing and price management techniques throughout the corporation to maximize both growth and profitability.  We will discuss the culture, structure, and process for getting pricing done right.  Pricing and Corporate Strategy will clarify the areas where technology can accelerate progress and where managerial judgement calls are fundamentally required.

This workshop applies concepts from the fields of economics, consumer behavior, business selling, product lifecycles, and competitive dynamics in order to provide executives with a well-rounded view of pricing in business markets.  Executives attending this course will be able to identify routes to improve their pricing practices and avoid traps leading to pricing disasters.

Pricing and Corporate Strategy concludes with the Value-Based Pricing Framework for managing pricing in a modern corporation developed through both academic research and executive interviews and proven by some of the world’s most profitable and growth oriented firms.