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How to Strategically React to Competitive Price Structures

Tim Smith Dallas Texas from Dean Markham on Vimeo.

Webinar with Sciative Solutions: How to Strategically React to Competitive Price Structures

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Wiglaf Big Idea Show

Defining Your Pricing Strategy


Professional Pricing Society: Pricing Done Right – A Talk With Dr. Tim Smith, CPP

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Pricing is so much more than putting numbers on quotes, or associating them with products.  Pricing includes aligning one’s pricing strategy their business strategy, defining a competitive price reaction plan, setting target prices, managing price perceptions, managing price discounts, and executing all of this with accuracy and speed.  How do leading organization get all this right?


Sciative Solutions: Pricing done right, or at least not wrong

September 5, 2016. Listen here.

While some companies perform well in pricing, others make headlines for their errors that cause profits to turn to losses, jobs to turn into redundancies, and firms to visit bankruptcy court.  What separates those that get pricing right from those that get it wrong?  How can CEOs stop tripping up on pricing decisions despite all the attention and effort given to pricing?

Technology Marketing Center Audio Archive

Title: Pricing to Capture the Value of Technology

With: Tim J. Smith, Adjunct Professor of Economics & Marketing, DePaul University

Subject: Dr. Smith discusses his best-selling new book, Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts & Establishing Price Structures.

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