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Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy

Wiglaf Pricing Executive Education Days

16-20 November, 2015
Sheraton Chicago Hotel and Towers
Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy executive education courses are designed for senior managers and executives of companies in business and consumer markets who analyze, recommend, or approve pricing decisions. They are appropriate for executives engaged in marketing, finance, sales, and operations of larger corporations and for managing directors and presidents of smaller companies. They address pricing issues for new products needing go-to-market pricing, and mature products facing significant competitive pricing pressures. Some courses may require the ability to work with quantitative information and spreadsheets.

For immediate registration, please email or call +1 872 829 2495.

Instructor: Tim J. Smith, PhD

Tim J. Smith is the author of Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts, and Establishing Price Structures, an Amazon Top 100 Best Seller in Marketing and used in leading MBA programs globally.

He is Founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, a global pricing consultancy whose clients include Dun & Bradstreet, Corning, CA Technologies, Symantec, Overhead Door, Intralinks, Drillinginfo, Code 3, Labelmaster, Chevron, BitDefender, and many others.

Tim is also an Adjunct Professor of Pricing Strategy at DePaul University’s Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, and Academic Advisor to the Professional Pricing Society’s Certified Pricing Professional program.

Attendees Will Learn

Pricing challenges and decisions arise early and often in business. List prices, discounts, new product development, account management, and international markets are just a short list of key pricing challenges facing modern corporations. How should executives manage pricing at both the quantitative and qualitative level?

Join us during the Wiglaf Pricing Executive Education Days and Tim J. Smith, PhD will share how leading firms are integrating different pricing and price management techniques throughout the corporation to maximize both growth and profitability.

Among the Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy courses, attendees can choose any one or more to attend.  Each course is a standalone module.  They can be taken in any combination. 

Value Based Pricing on 16 November

  • What is Value Based Pricing
  • How to model Exchange Value to Customer using qualitative market research
  • How to optimize prices from Conjoint Analysis market surveys and other pricing focused
    survey-based research
  • How to detect pricing potential from econometric and statistical approaches, including limitations and uses for elasticity studies
  • What are neutral, penetration, and skim pricing strategies on the price-to-benefits map

Price Variance Management on 17 November

  • What is the proper role of discounts and promotions
  • How to manage price promotions and discounts
  • How to construct and interpret net price analysis, price waterfalls, price bands, price-to-market segments, and price-to-metric studies
  • How to quantify promotional effectiveness metrics 

Psychology of Pricing on 18 November

  • Perceptual challenges found in social, cognitive and psychological biases
  • Limitations and uses of price endings, including the “9’s effect”
  • Prospect theory and the implications of predictable irrational behavior of customers
  • Anchoring, Endowment, Framing, and other effects which impact pricing latitude
  • Economic expenditure effect and psychological counter-expenditure effect

Unit, Tiered, and Bundled Pricing on 19 November

  • Distinguish the market characteristics that support either unit, tiered, or bundled pricing
  • Understand the economic drivers to selecting between unit, tiered, and bundled pricing
  • Construct analytical models to identify optimal prices in a bundled price structure
  • Identify the consumer behavior influences to optimal pricing selection in unit, tiered, and bundled price structures
  • The role of revenue management, two-part tariffs, tying arrangements, and subscriptions (SaaS) price structures

Pricing and Corporate Strategy on 20 November

  • Connect offering development to pricing decisions
  • Connect customer account development to pricing decisions
  • Connect international contingencies to pricing decisions
  • Learn a proven framework for integrating pricing into corporate strategy towards a path for constant improvement

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Instructional Depth

CPP Credits Eligible


Any 1 Day



Any 2 Days



Any 3 Days



All 5 Days plus a signed copy of Pricing Strategy by Tim J. Smith



Group Discounts

Number of Attendees


2 Attendees


3 Attendees


4 Attendees


5 or More Attendees


The program fee includes tuition, lunches, morning coffee break, afternoon tea break, and all educational materials. The fee is payable in advance upon confirmation of registration.

The course begins at 9:00 AM on Monday and ends at noon on Friday. The course meets from 9 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Thursday, and from 9 AM until noon on Friday. 

Attendees to all 5 days of instruction will receive an autographed copy of Pricing Strategy: Setting Price Levels, Managing Price Discounts, and Establishing Price Structures, by Tim J. Smith, PhD.

PPS Certified Pricing Professional Accreditation
Attendees successfully completing the online accreditation exam will receive up to two credits toward their CPP certification – the Certified Pricing Professional accreditation delivered by the Professional Pricing Society.


The fabulous Sheraton Chicago Hotel & Towers is the host for the Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy Executive Education courses by Tim J. Smith, PhD of Wiglaf Pricing.  The Wiglaf Pricing room block at a reduced price will be available until October 17th.  We advise that you make your reservation early if you are fairly certain that you will attend the executive education course.

Book your room using our Wiglaf Pricing room block for discounted rates. Wiglaf Value Based Pricing and Corporate Strategy

For immediate registration, please call +1 872 829 2495

Tim J. Smith, PhD

"To identify the right price, executives must answer three questions, and they must be answered from the customer's perspective:

  1. What is my alternative?
  2. Are you better or worse?
  3. Why should I care?"

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