Excel 2013 for Marketing MOOC

Free online tutorials on using Excel to solve quantitative challenges in marketing. Videos + Excel Workbooks.

Great for marketing students. Learn how to analalyze marketing research data, evaluate business propositions, and identify the ROI on Marketing (ROMI). Just follow the video and the associated Excel spreadsheet, and you will be on your way.

The Excel Workbooks should be saved to your desktop, then opened with Excel.

Introduction Start Here

Chapter 1: Data Types & Measurement Scales

Excel Workbook 1
Video 1.1 Data Type and Measurement Scales
Video 1.2 Category Incidence Frequency

Chapter 2: Frequency Distributions

Excel Workbook 2
Video 2.1 Frequency Bar Chart
Video 2.2 Frequency Distribution in Group
Video 2.3 Histograms

Chapter 3: Cross Tabs and Sampling

Excel Workbook 3
Video 3.1 Cross Tabs

Chapter 4:  Normal Distributions, Z-Scores, and Confidence Intervals

Excel Workbook 4
Video 4.1 Normal Distribution
Video 4.2 Population Metrics
Video 4.3 Standard Scores

Chapter 5: Cumulative Distribution Functions and Probability

Excel Workbook 5
Video 5.1 Cumulative Distribution Function
Video 5.2 Probability and Cumulative Distributions
Video 5.3 Market Metrics: CDI & BDI

Chapter 6: Student's t-Test for Numerical Measurements

Excel Workbook 6
Video 6.1 Student T-test
Video 6.2 Venn Diagram

Chapter 7: ANOVA / F-Tests

Excel Workbook 7
Video 7.1 F-test

Chapter 8: Chi-Square and Nominal Data

Excel Workbook 8
Video 8.1 Chi-Square
Video 8.2 Marketing Metrics: Discounting Factors

Chapter 9: Regression Analysis
Chapter 10: Hypothesis Tests

Excel Workbook 9
Video 9.1 Regression Analysis
Video 9.2 Marketing Metrics & Hypothesis