FUND EDU: Pricing Strategies for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Pricing. Should you start with your costs? Should you start with your intended contribution margin? Plus, many companies don't view pricing as a strategy, but rather, just a thing to get done. Wrong. Kyle Westra, a manager at Wiglaf Pricing, is going to join us to discuss what it takes to build a successful pricing

Strategy Talk: Pricing Strategies for Executives and Entrepreneurs

Register here Hosted by DePaul University's Department of Economics We had plans to host alumnus and author of "The New Invisible Hand", Kyle T. Westra on March 13th, but the event was unfortunately canceled due to the rapidly changing environment related to COVID-19. However, we are pleased to announce that Kyle has agreed to present his Strategy

Pricing in a Crisis – PPS Virtual Summit


Join Wiglaf Pricing and others for the Professional Pricing Society's virtual summit on Pricing in a Crisis. Our CEO, Tim J. Smith, PhD, will be leading the closing presentation. About the Summit Not every company will leverage pricing during this time of crisis, but your organization can have a better outcome with the right business

Digitization: Monetization & Transparency


Digitization is transforming pricing strategy, opening up new opportunities companies to provide value and capture profits. What has been lacking however is a framework and understanding to determine how best companies can avoid the hype and take advantage of such opportunities in a strategic way. This session focuses on two areas of careful consideration: monetization

PPS 2020 European and Global Pricing Virtual Summit


2-3 December 2020 | #PPSEURO20 Register now! Featuring a presentation by Wiglaf Pricing: Pricing Director: Day One Thursday, December 3, 2020 Tim J. Smith, PhD Founder and CEO, Wiglaf Pricing On Day One, what actions should a new pricing director of a newly established pricing function take to deliver a positive impact? What should be

Day One As Pricing Director/VP: Delivering A More Profitable Pricing Strategy

Register here! Join Wiglaf Pricing and LeveragePoint for Day One As Pricing Director/VP: Delivering A More Profitable Pricing Strategy. Top B2B companies rely on leadership from their pricing organization to deliver a value-based pricing strategy that maximizes profit outcomes. When this function is newly established, what is expected in the initial days, weeks, and months

PPS Spring Virtual Conference

May 4-12, Online Only Register now! Featuring two breakout sessions by Wiglaf Pricing: Harnessing Monetization and Transparency Thursday, May 6th, 2021 Kyle T. Westra Manager, Wiglaf Pricing Digitization is transforming

Advanced Pricing Strategies – FDB Events

Join Tim J. Smith, PhD, Founder and CEO of Wiglaf Pricing, for a two-day virtual course on Advanced Pricing Strategies hosted by FDB Events. See the event page and brochure

PPS Fall Virtual Conference

October 12-15, Online Only Register now! Featuring two workshops and one breakout session by Wiglaf Pricing: Economic Value to Customer (EVC) Immersive Case Study Tuesday, October 12, 2021 Tim J.