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Case Study: Price Setting – Corporate Transactions SaaS Provider

Challenge: A global leader in the provision of virtual data rooms for corporate transactions sought to standardize the pricing of its data management and provisioning offerings across its product portfolio, spanning hosted solutions for strategic transactions (mergers and acquisitions), corporate debt financing, fund management, and clinical trials.

Approach: The company engaged Wiglaf Pricing to develop its pricing strategy for all offerings, executed through primary market research and the evidence-based analytical conversion of the uncovered body of data, into a product portfolio pricing strategy and price list.

The primary market research was conducted using (1) the customer executive-interviews (Voice of Customer) technique to identify the customer’s perception of value and relevant competition and (2) a historical transaction analysis to uncover past pricing patterns.  The evidence-based analysis relied upon the development of an Exchange Value Model for each product, executive discussions to reach alignment on price structure, and revenue evaluation to determine the anticipated impact of the proposed pricing changes on future revenue.

Result: Wiglaf Pricing used the evidence, executive discussions, and economic tradeoffs to achieve alignment on pricing across the organization for the product portfolio. Organizational alignment included the concerns of product managers, sales managers, billing managers, operations managers, and others.