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Why Choose Wiglaf Pricing?

Founded by thought leaders in pricing and staffed by experienced professionals.

boutique consulting firm with the energy and flexibility to address your needs.

Brings a commitment to integrity and collaborative value creation to every engagement.

Wiglaf Pricing improves your company’s profitability by creating excellence in the following areas:

The Value-Based Pricing Framework

Value-Based Pricing Framework

Business Strategy

  • Customers: Who do you want to serve, and how?
  • Competitors: Who is trying to solve similar problems for similar customers?
  • Company: How are you structured for success?

Pricing Strategy

  • Pricing governance: Managing pricing decisions across the company
  • Price positioning: Skim, neutral, or penetrate
  • Price segmentation: Discovering willingness to pay
  • Competitive price reaction: How and when to adjust

Market Pricing

  • Getting it right: Aligning new product pricing and updating existing prices with pricing strategy
  • Creating structure: Establishing go-to-market list price or margin
  • Understanding the customer: How does the target customer think about their options?
  • Capturing the customer: What would it take to drive that customer to choose your firm?

Price Variance Policy

  • Allowing variance: One price or many? How to make price variance work in your favor
  • Commercial policy: How to structure discounts and rebates to reward desirable behavior and increase profitability
  • Sales team: Aligning incentive structures and establishing escalation processes

Price Execution

  • Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ): Presenting the right customer with the right price for the right product at the right time
  • Price messaging: Constructing sales and marketing messages to drive sales

Pricing Analysis

  • Building the skill set: Reporting, simulation, and testing to support every other decision area
  • Analytics: Price variance, price sensitivity, competitive pricing, market pricing, strategic pricing
  • Constant improvement: Pricing is a verb, not a noun

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