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Hawks, Seagulls, and Mice: Paradigms for Systematically Growing Revenue in Business Markets

Tim J. Smith

ISBN-10: 0595675980
ISBN-13: 978-0595675982
266 pages, Hardback
© 2006



Hawks, Seagulls, & Mice is an eye-opening resource for executives, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, and everyone else involved in sales and marketing in business markets. It presents business-tested conceptual and quantitative models for driving performance in creating customers and capturing profits in plain-spoken terms and supported by numerous case studies and examples. Explore business markets from the following perspectives:

  • Strategic growth patterns
  • Sales and marketing organization design
  • Sales and marketing activity management
  • Customer buying process
  • Psychological and business value communication
  • Sales and marketing performance audits


“Finally! Someone has shifted the old B2B paradigm of sales and marketing and provided some dynamic, new, easy-to-use, quantitative models for integrating the two around business goals.”

Gordon Hochhalter
Mobium Creative Group

HSM fills two major gaps in the marketing book universe—marketing in business-to-business markets and the integration of sales and marketing functions. Smith addresses these gaps in a systematic and comprehensive manner. A solid effort.”

Puneet Manchanda
Associate Professor of Marketing
University of Chicago Graduate Schools of Business

“Smith’s…Hawks, Seagulls, & Mice is a just-in-time work, immediately needed by many and useful to all those businesses that wish to grow their revenues in today’s dynamic and exceedingly complex competitive marketplace.”

Green R. Miller, PhD
Professor of Economics
Morehead State University