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Executives choose Wiglaf Pricing to identify launch prices for new products and services, define price structures to profitably segment markets, conduct deep-dive pricing analytics, improve price variance management, and develop organizational capabilities through people, processes, and tools.

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Upcoming Events

PPS 29th Annual Spring Pricing Workshops & Conference

Join us May 1-4 in Chicago for the best and latest in pricing knowledge, as well as networking with peers.

Featuring a keynote by Tim J. Smith, PhD, CEO of Wiglaf Pricing: Commercial Policy and Pricing.

Also featuring a workshop by Mary DeBoni and Kyle Thompson-Westra, Consultants at Wiglaf Pricing: How to Price: An Examination of the Techniques and Strategies of Value-Based Pricing.

Details of the Keynote: Commercial Policy and Pricing

Commercial policy determines price variance between transactions, this much is known.  But who determines commercial policy?  How can commercial policy shape customer behavior in a positive manner?  What is the role of pricing in defining commercial policy?  How should incentives be aligned to commercial policy.  And what is the difference between tactical and strategic commercial policy? 

In this Commercial Policy and Pricing, Tim J. Smith, PhD will share a dynamic and flexible framework for defining commercial policy that drives positive customer behavior and profitability. 


  • Delineate the difference between strategic and tactical commercial policy elements
  • Clarify the role of sales, marketing, finance, pricing, and others in defining commercial policy
  • Highlight the importance of pricing councils and pricing analytics in guiding commercial policy decisions
  • Share the challenges uncovered in defining a commercial policy that leads to target prices and profit based incentive alignment.

Details of the Workshop: How to Price – An Examination of the Techniques and Strategies of Value-Based Pricing

In this workshop, Mary DeBoni and Kyle Thompson-Westra clarify the three industry-dominant pricing methodologies in practice today and their relationship to value-based pricing: exchange value models, economic price optimization, and conjoint analysis. Each of these methodologies is an industry-proven, academically accepted best practice for addressing pricing challenges. Each is superior in some cases but inferior in others. Each uses market research data to understand customer choices, but the sources of the data vary greatly.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • How to conduct a profit sensitivity analysis to inform pricing decisions
  • How data can be used to conduct economic price optimization

How to identify opportunities to increase profit through examining the relationship between prices and benefits

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IQPC European Pricing Conference 2018 – Tim J. Smith as Chairperson

April 16-18, 2018 in London, UK

Join us in London for Tim J. Smith, PhD, CEO of Wiglaf Pricing chairing the 2018 European Pricing Conference.

Read the interview with Tim J. Smith here.

The advent of disruptive technology, growth of e-commerce and increasing competition from global markets are just a few of the reasons why leading companies are spending time and money to develop a pricing strategy that works.

Many pricing leaders are wondering what direction to take their pricing strategy in and want to benchmark with other organisations to decide what is the most profitable option. But KPIs and pricing models are almost always confidential, and the majority of organisations are unwilling to disclose the facts and figures that the industry needs. The industry has a dilemma where practitioners want to have insights on new developments in strategies, but they are usually subject to commercial secret.

Given this situation, IQPC will be launching a limited-access, confidential mentoring panel as part of our European Pricing and Commercial Excellence Summit to enable our clients to obtain first-hand tips from our mentors to assist them in creating the most profitable pricing strategy.

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