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Pricing Strategy – Errata

Page 189
Problem 6
The problem should use a variable cost for product B of VB = $300.

Page 206
Summary, 5th bullet
Currently reads “Extreme a version” and should read “Extreme aversion”

Page 208
Problem 6
The problem as stated cannot be solved. It violates one of the conditions for versioning. The variable cost for product Total should be VT = $350. The change to problem 6 in chapter 9 was made to enable comparisons between the two problems between chapters.

Page 226
Problem 1, part i
The mathematical statement should read “Consumer Surplus = Willingness to Pay – Price”. Alternatively, one might state Value = Benefits – Price.

Page 267
Problem 1, Table, third Column Header
The lower class booking limit is currently listed at 100€ and should be listed as 150€.

Page 247
3rd paragraph under Example: Quickbooks, 4th sentence
Currently reads “Over a twelve month period a Simple Start customer would pay . . .” and should read “Over a twelve month period an Online Basic customer would pay . . .”

Page 299
Last sentence of first paragraph
Currently reads “reference articles concerning the e-reader market are listed under item 8” and should read “reference articles concerning the e-reader market are listed under item 12”